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Police Department

Chief Thomas Hunt
Chief Thomas Hunt

The Moody Police Department consists of 20 highly trained police officers who are committed to protect and serve the people within the City of Moody. The police department is divided into administrative, criminal investigations division, and uniformed patrol/K9.



Contact Information

Chief Thomas Hunt    
Captain Daniel Praytor   Day to Day Operations
(205) 640-5121

Lieutenant Mark Smith

  Patrol Commander
(205) 640-5121

Lieutenant Eric Hansen

(205) 640-5121
Sylvia Sheffield    Administrative/Police Clerk
If An Emergency   Dial 911
Non-emergency complaints   (205) 640-3333
Obtaining Reports   (205) 640-0339


Moody Police DapartmentLocation & Office Hours
2900 Daniel Drive
Moody, Alabama

Police patrol officers work 24 hours/7 days a week. Office Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Moody Police Department is to protect the life and property of all people within the City of Moody. Our goal is to provide professional, competent, and proactive law enforcement service and protection to the City so that the inhabitants’ quality of life may be enhanced and they will have a feeling of safety and security in their community. The Department will meet this goal through personal and professional development of its personnel, strong ethics through effort and dedication, and a pledge of integrity to all who come in contact with the Moody Police Department.

Obtaining An Arrest Warrant
You must report the incident to the police and have a report made. You may then contact a court magistrate (205) 640-0313.  The court magistrate will determine that there is sufficient probable cause for an arrest warrant to be issued.

The Vial-of-Life
The Vial-of Life Project is a national non-profit organization created to provide accurate medical information to emergency medical personnel in a time of crisis. The Moody Police Department is proud to partner with them and Moody Drugs to provide this important service to our senior citizens and persons with disabilities living in Moody.

The kit consists of the following:

  • Two Stickers: one to put on the front door and one to put on the actual vial.
  • Information sheet; answer any or all pertinent questions.
  • A vial to store the information in.

In addition, it is recommended that you place copies of other pertinent documents such as living wills, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders, a current picture of self, and EKG strip if applicable.

How do I Get One?
You may obtain your kit, free of charge by contacting the Chief Thomas Hunt at (205) 640-0337 or at Moody Drugs, 2200 Village Drive, Moody, Alabama (Inside Food Giant).

Yellow Dot Program
The Moody Fire and Police Departments are participating in the Yellow Dot Program. This program is free to anyone who would like to enroll, especially senior citizens.

When you enroll your picture will be taken and you need to fill out a form listing emergency contacts, medical history, daily medications, hospital preference, and any allergies to medications.  All your information and picture will be placed in a yellow dot folder which will be placed in your vehicle’s glove box.  A yellow dot will be placed on the left lower corner of your vehicle’s  rear window. If you are in an automobile accident, this sticker will alert emergency medical and police personnel that vital medical information is located in your vehicle’s glove box.

Other departments in St. Clair County that are participating includes:

St. Clair Sheriff’s Office
City of Ashville
City of Springville
City of Ragland
City of Pell City

At least 35 counties in the Alabama are involved with this program.  More information can be obtained at Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs. This program is sponsored and funded by Sheriff Terry Surles and ADECA/LETS.



Other City Departments
Inspection & Public Works
Municipal Court
Police Department
Fire & Rescue
Parks & Recreation
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City Council
Linda Crowe
Phillip Deason
Lynn Taylor
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